Corporate Business Linkedin Headshots Photographer

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

Getting your headshot can be overwhelming. Just thinking about how to do your makeup, hair, and pocking the right wardrobe is enough to make anyone’s head spin! But if you can handle it ladies, taking that extra step to find the perfect necklace and earrings to debut in your portrait can make all the difference. In other words, those little details seem easy to skip, easy to think that no one will pay attention to things that much. Overall it makes the image look tidy and put together, whether we realize is due to the accessories completing it or not. Bring your whole jewellery bag and let us help you pick out the right oomph for your headshot!

Headshots Photographer for Linkedin Corporate and Business

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

To add a twist to your business portrait, these days we’ve been experimenting with cropping the final edited images more, giving you multiple variations to choose from. This crop is usually what we do for acting portraits to accentuate the face place asymmetrically framing it. Although it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are more of a traditionalist,, we do believe it livens the photo and is a worthy option to have in case you end up needing the image to sway slightly more casual and approachable. What do you guys think of the first impression our new cropping style makes?

Corporate and Linkedin Headshots: Hairstyle Advice

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

Tips on how to wear your hair for your headshot:

/ / / / / to pony or not to pony?

This may be a weird thing to bring to light, but once you do you won’t be able to unsee it. We’ve noticed that in almost every corporate female portrait, the woman’s hair is worn down. Sarah on the other hand, with her beautiful wavy hair and mini fringe, showed us how to pull off the business pony. To be honest, we think she is rocking it and couldn’t imagine a stronger way she could present herself. With just the right touch of accessories, the look beams an energetic, smart and savvy vibe.

The important thing to remember is although there are certain rules of thumb, there are always ways you can break the standard. Our advice? The ones who go against the grain tend to make stronger portraits.

Corporate Business and Linkedin Professional Headshots

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

In a recent post, I described the magic we can make with a little something called “colour grading”. If any of you use instagram, you may have noticed this function to add colour to the shadows and highlights of your image. Here, we wanted to add to Redstone Agency’s corporate branding by adding none other than the colour—red! Scroll down and our recent posts and see if you can you feel how different the impression is!

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Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

When in doubt, go for our light grey. We swear by it no matter what skin tone and no matter what colour suit you are wearing. Whether female or male, the light grey is the best neutral you could hope for. In packages above the Minimal, we offer the option of changing your background colour more than once for your variation. That’s why we say start off safe and add onto the shoot as you go along.

Corporate Business LinkedIn Headshots Photographer

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

Patterns are a great way to liven up your photo, but we always recommend keeping them on the down low. Opt for smaller items to be colourful such as a pocket square or scarf to make your portrait stand out while still remaining professional. The reason being is we must think of clothing as a frame to our main focal point—the face! Here’s a great example of that tip from a recent on location headshot session we had at a corporate office.

Corporate Business and Linkedin Headshots Photographer

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

By the book, it’s called a snow white backdrop, but believe us when we say it is so much more than that! It’s already commonly understood that photographers can make “magic” when it comes to things like skin blemishes, wrinkled clothing, and the like, but we don’t often think of these options when it comes to the background of the image. Here we used our white backdrop and added a tint of cyan in the colour grading process to avoid that stark black-on-white silhouette (which is the norm in corporate stock images). Likewise, it can also be tinted to a warmer shade. The decision of which way to sway is largely dependent on your skin tone and outfit. As always, we are here to help if you are clueless about which direction to head in!

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Whisk away with by adding a touch of wind to your portrait. Wind gives the portrait a looser more organic feeling, being that you let your hair go care free. Michelle came in with a vision for her maternity shoot and sought it through with our help, even though she was practically weeks away from delivery! She had planned for the whole shoot to be in Black & White—a great minimalist choice where she aimed for a strong silhouette based look.