Professional Headshots and Portrait in Toronto

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Headshots and Portrait Photography in the Studio:

/ / / / / Should you use a light or dark background?

Here is an example of a casual portrait we shot a few weeks ago, whereby we set up editorial style studio lighting against a dimly lit grey background. This particular client was inspired by our fashion photos which are often shot against dark background.

The reason we recommend to shoot against a dark background is because it adds a particular mood you can never achieve with lighter tones. It in some way it feels more natural and authentic to human emotion, as the background fades out of importance and the focus sits nicely on the subject who now pops into attention.

Professional Modelling and Fashion Portfolio

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Professional Headshots and Modelling Portfolio:

/ / / / / Full Body Portraiture

One thing we have noticed in our time shooting people, is how different the reaction is for close up portraits versus portraits shot from far away. These days we often suggest for our subjects to try both variation. The main reason being not so much related to their fashion choice as it is being able to communicate more with simple body language. No need for fancy posing, as the clothing silhouette (once cleaned up nicely like in the image above) exemplifies effortless sophistication.

Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

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Dressing for your for Professional Corporate Headshots:

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The most commonly asked question male or female, is what do I wear to my business headshot? That question can be answered in many ways, but the aspect I’m going to write about today or more so, how much should I wear? In other words, how far down do you dress—do you come in sweatpants on the bottom and suit and tie at the top, or should you wear the full suits and show a little more body in the shots? There really is no rule as to how much is too much when it comes to being a loose shot or tighter headshot, it’s all up to personal taste.

In this business headshot session, our client preferred the breathable feeling of a 3/4 length portrait. Since we knew that was his preference, we tailored the session to include mostly 3/4 length portraits to choose from as opposed to a classic shoulders up variation.

Business and Professional Headshots and Portrait

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Creative Headshots for Artist and Professionals:

/ / / / / Editorial Studio Lighting Effects:

Marie is a local artist who wanted something unique and visually interesting for her profile picture. She had such killer style we thought it was a great choice to show her in a 3/4 format so we could get her unique rings in the shot as an accent, all the while capturing her graphic silhouette.

What we love about this pose is it shows the hands clearly (which believe it or not—psychologically comes off as trustworthy). Moreover it subtly focuses the attention on her face while still feeling natural. In a portrait, you want to make sure the attention is on the subjects face first (whether the client likes it or not). It is a fact that humans love looking at other peoples faces, and we always keep this in mind during our portrait sessions.

Professional Studio Portrait and Headshots

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Friendly and Professional Portraits, and Why you Shouldn’t Be Too Friendly:

/ / / / / How Warm is Too Warm

We have several choices of beige to select from, and the reason is not due to some trend running in course in the photography world. As I like to say, portraiture is a quite like a science. In previous blog posts I’ve talked about how warm toned clothing will look good on all skin types, which means the same logic proves true for backgrounds—right??

So the question becomes, if beige is so warm and lovely, why don’t you see us using more? The reason is though business portraits should be friendly (and beige does encompass that quality) it also goes above and beyond in the realm of positive emotions, almost radiating compassion. To put it simple it’s a rather strong psychological reaction, which instantly makes the photo have more humanity. Professionally speaking, we suggest using our lightest beige for careers that involve more social interaction like a consultant or caretaker.

Fashion Modeling Portfolio Photoshoot

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Professional Fashion Modelling Portfolio with Hair & Makeup:

/ / / / / spice it up with an editorial edge !

Here’s a gorgeous shot from a photoshoot we had the other week for a modelling portfolio session with wardrobe and all other styling provided. New or experienced, we shoot people with a varied relationship with modeling. Whether its just for fun, you’re signed with an agency, or building up your book from scratch, we can help! Get it touch with us to chat about the process and custom options available.

Headshots for Children Portrait Photography

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Sister Portrait Editorial Photoshoot Style:

/ / / / / decorative details to enhance your family portrait!

Although many people are arranging their photoshoot for the first time and may not have a clear idea of what they’re going for, we highly encourage everyone to take the time and not skip the initial step of previsualization. These two adorable sisters had their moms planned out the dresses and background based on pointers boards they had collected of inspiration.

After sending us the reference images, it was easy to tell the direction they wanted to take the photoshoot in. When it comes to your big moment, we encourage you to keep communicating with us along the way. In this case, we learned that the mom wanted more of a fashion/magazine editorial feeling to the shoot. Once we found that out, we changed the direction of the posing and altered the lighting to suit her vision. How do you guys like the result? Rather angelic no?

Headshots Toronto and Portrait Photography

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Headshots and modelling portfolio:

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Here’s an example of a shot where we styled the background with neutral fabric to add visual interest Kamryn’s portrait. She had her makeup and hair professionally done for this shoot, can you tell? This time our artist did a soft smoky shadow on her to accentuate her eyes and kept the lips natural to focus the attention even more on her eyes. Please enquire about booking an artist several weeks in advance.