Fashion Modeling Portfolio Photoshoot

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Professional Fashion Modelling Portfolio with Hair & Makeup:

/ / / / / spice it up with an editorial edge !

Here’s a gorgeous shot from a photoshoot we had the other week for a modelling portfolio session with wardrobe and all other styling provided. New or experienced, we shoot people with a varied relationship with modeling. Whether its just for fun, you’re signed with an agency, or building up your book from scratch, we can help! Get it touch with us to chat about the process and custom options available.

Headshots for Children Portrait Photography

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Sister Portrait Editorial Photoshoot Style:

/ / / / / decorative details to enhance your family portrait!

Although many people are arranging their photoshoot for the first time and may not have a clear idea of what they’re going for, we highly encourage everyone to take the time and not skip the initial step of previsualization. These two adorable sisters had their moms planned out the dresses and background based on pointers boards they had collected of inspiration.

After sending us the reference images, it was easy to tell the direction they wanted to take the photoshoot in. When it comes to your big moment, we encourage you to keep communicating with us along the way. In this case, we learned that the mom wanted more of a fashion/magazine editorial feeling to the shoot. Once we found that out, we changed the direction of the posing and altered the lighting to suit her vision. How do you guys like the result? Rather angelic no?

Headshots Toronto and Portrait Photography

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Headshots and modelling portfolio:

/ / / / /

Here’s an example of a shot where we styled the background with neutral fabric to add visual interest Kamryn’s portrait. She had her makeup and hair professionally done for this shoot, can you tell? This time our artist did a soft smoky shadow on her to accentuate her eyes and kept the lips natural to focus the attention even more on her eyes. Please enquire about booking an artist several weeks in advance.

Photography and Headshots in Downtown Toronto

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Photography to match your style:

/ / / / / we work with you to capture great headshots!

Get colourful and use one of our many background varieties. Here’s an artist profile shot that was used for her online social media presence and marketing. Want to get the most out of your shoot? Book our Marketing Package and get ultimate freedom with time, outfit changes, and access to all images in high resolution. Change the background several times, or just change your outfit a lot! We always encourage people to get a few looks indoors and head out for the second half of your shoot for even more variation.

Fashion Portfolio for Models and Talent

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Fashion modelling package:

/ / / / / from new models to experienced models!

There are many ways to go about getting your modelling portfolio done, and even more photographers to go about getting it done with! How we separate ourselves from the bunch is by specializing in first time/beginner models. We’ve had plenty experience of shooting for agencies around town and understand the gist of what each one looks for. If you need any advice regarding where to turn to after your photoshoot, please let us know and we’re more than happy to help.

Professional Portrait Photographer in Downtown Toronto

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Professional portrait photography for your career:

/ / / / / natural light background

Of course we always have the option to serve the classic recipe for headshots in our studio setting, but feel free to challenge the norm and create more variation!

The great thing about this environment shot is although it’s more complex than a clean backdrop, you still have complete control with the lighting as we’re actually still located inside the studio!

The large heritage windows provide a soft yet strong key light all the meanwhile we set up a studio light in front of you to further flatter your face.

Photography for Headshots and Portrait in Toronto

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Taking your headshot & portrait outdoors:

/ / / / / local “on location” photoshoot

We didn’t have to travel far to achieve this change of scenery here in Corktown. Just minutes away by foot we are fortunate enough to be situated by the Corktown Common. Sounding more like a grocery store, the Corktown Common is a recently built park (and natural eco system/flood prevention site to boot) that highlights the area of the city known as the Para Olympic Village, just south of the studio.

Don’t quote me on this but I do believe the Canary District (which lies just south west) is the newest district added to the city of Toronto. That being said, isn’t it a surprise that we could find something with a little rustic charm like this old barn door? The scenery around the area may be largely condo driven, but there are a few historical remnants that got preserved along the way.

Professional Corporate and Linkedin Headshots

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2019 = the year to have a Linkedin headshot:

/ / / / / your digital first impression

Just because you’re using your image for Linkedin, doesn’t mean you have to dress like you’re a google image search result. We love how Mahon, who is a recent graduate of architecture by the way, wore this casual but professional cardigan and relaxed collared shirt combination. The colour palette is still very reserved, with there being no real colour except for the blue tint we added later in photoshop for some emotional flavouring!