Professional Modelling and Fashion Portfolio

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Professional Headshots and Modelling Portfolio:

/ / / / / Full Body Portraiture

One thing we have noticed in our time shooting people, is how different the reaction is for close up portraits versus portraits shot from far away. These days we often suggest for our subjects to try both variation. The main reason being not so much related to their fashion choice as it is being able to communicate more with simple body language. No need for fancy posing, as the clothing silhouette (once cleaned up nicely like in the image above) exemplifies effortless sophistication.

Professional Acting and Modelling Portfolio

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Acting Headshots or Model Portrait in the Studio:

/ / / / / The Right Type of White:

Here’s a great example of a recent headshot session where we shot against our simple white background, but ended up with some great personality shots in the studio. Due to this particular lighting set up, the background appears off white. By having the subject stand further away from the wall, and blocking the light from leaking onto the background, you can create a gentler shot against white.

In this shot we added a yellow colour cast in post production for the emotional content to evoke trust and positivity.

Professional Acting and Modelling Portfolio

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Portrait and Acting Headshots in the Studio:

/ / / / / Monochromatic Mood:

In this day and age, it may seem as if black and white headshots are a thing of the past, however we believe you should never write off that option completely! The reason being is a monochromatic photo will evoke emotions that a coloured photo never can reach. Our advice is when building your portfolio, it’s definitely a good idea to have one or two shots be in black and white to make variety of diverse looks in your book.

Professional Headshots and Modeling Portfolio

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Modelling Portrait with Fashion Styling:

/ / / / / Editorial styled photoshoots:

Although we frequently shoot classic LinkedIn headshots, we love being able to unleash our creativity during sessions that are flexible to more stylized options when it comes to wardrobe, background, and photoshoot style.

In this session, we used a super soft lighting setup, to create an almost angelic dewy feeling that is appealing to the commercial industry. For beginner model portfolios, the posing doesn’t need to be over the top, a simple headshot composition with the right type of styling, right choice of lens, and the right angle, you’ll encompass a simplicity that’s appealing to everyone.

Leave the details to us, and see how easy it is to get great headshots to build your acting or modeling book!

Fashion Modeling Portfolio Photoshoot

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Professional Fashion Modelling Portfolio with Hair & Makeup:

/ / / / / spice it up with an editorial edge !

Here’s a gorgeous shot from a photoshoot we had the other week for a modelling portfolio session with wardrobe and all other styling provided. New or experienced, we shoot people with a varied relationship with modeling. Whether its just for fun, you’re signed with an agency, or building up your book from scratch, we can help! Get it touch with us to chat about the process and custom options available.

Fashion Portfolio for Models and Talent

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Fashion modelling package:

/ / / / / from new models to experienced models!

There are many ways to go about getting your modelling portfolio done, and even more photographers to go about getting it done with! How we separate ourselves from the bunch is by specializing in first time/beginner models. We’ve had plenty experience of shooting for agencies around town and understand the gist of what each one looks for. If you need any advice regarding where to turn to after your photoshoot, please let us know and we’re more than happy to help.

Acting Professional Studio Headshots Photographer

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Can I be a bit geeky and say we LOVE shooting actors/actresses? Though they book the same package as business headshots, yet they flood us with variation in their facial expressions. They constantly impress us with the range of emotions they can depict with out moving their body an inch.

Eveleigh got the Complete Package and brought several outfits to cover all the bases, good, evil, and somewhere in between. Can’t wait to see what else this talented lady gets up to in 2019, all the best with your career Eveleigh!

Professional Acting Headshots Photographer

corporate staff group linkedin headshots business professional photographer downtown portrait family

Tina had a variety of changes in her photoshoot with us, and for one of them she stripped down let her hair loose for a clean and jewellery-free au naturale look. Interestingly enough, silhouettes becomes maximized when you minimize the details in a shot. This may seem a given on paper, but we really do underestimate the power of raw shapes, textures, and colours a lay our bare character.