Headshots and Polaroids for Talent and Modelling Portfolio

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Professional headshots for models & talent

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As straightforward as polaroids sound, you’d be surprised at how much variation you can make ! With a simple change in hair position, slight head tilt, or even shift of weight from one foot to the other, the photo can have a completely different feeling, and we want the photo to feel natural and light, not awkward !

Our white backdrop serves as the perfect canvas to highlight your features, and we recommend for the best results to wear something form fitting and minimal like the above examples.

Fashion Modeling Portfolio Photoshoot

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Professional Fashion Modelling Portfolio with Hair & Makeup:

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Here’s a gorgeous shot from a photoshoot we had the other week for a modelling portfolio session with wardrobe and all other styling provided. New or experienced, we shoot people with a varied relationship with modeling. Whether its just for fun, you’re signed with an agency, or building up your book from scratch, we can help! Get it touch with us to chat about the process and custom options available.

Professional Headshots and Studio Portrait Photographer

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Here’s a recent classic black and white studio portrait shot with a lovely new model from a local agency. When you’re a new model starting out building your portfolio, it’s always best to leave the little styling details to us. Especially if it is your firs photoshoot, there must be a million things running through your mind. We make things easy with our professional team working to make you look your best for your headshots. Ask us about how we work with you to create a look that shows off your strengths!

Professional Studio Headshots and Portrait Photography

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When applying to a modelling agency, though it’s not necessary, we do encourage you to get your feet wet and try out a photoshoot before you commit to any contractual agreements with agencies just yet. Here’s a shot from a diy portfolio session where you come “set ready” with your own hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Black and white photographs are always recommended, as well as fashion that has black and white elements making for a strong impression. Ask our advice if you want to see examples of what to wear on the day of your photoshoot!

Fashion Portfolio Headshots

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Though we often shoot business and professional portraits, we also dabble in fashion when we get the opportunity, which means more room to play with colours, shapes, and textures. In this instance, we shot this lovely lady against our vivid lavender, which our brightest pastel that looks stunning against tan skin. Don't have a tan? — that's not a problem! With a couple clicks we can create a rich and even golden hue. Alternatively, we can also make your skin tone light and brighter. Let us know what your heart desires and we'll do our best to create that in the most natural way for you. 

Professional Headshots and Portrait

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We are experts when it comes to taking clean, professional, and eye catching photography. 
Whether you are looking to for a simple portrait, have ambitions to become a model, or simply want a fashion portrait, don't hesitate to let us know! We can help suggest what background suits your purpose better.

For this portrait session, our subject had warm tones in her skin and hair, so we therefore suggested using a beige background as opposed to a cooler grey or blue background. 

Professional Fashion Portrait

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Here's a recent fashion portrait we shot on a squeaky clean white backdrop. Lighting the subject form the back,, we added depth and intrigue to the image with lighting set up behind her to emphasize her cheekbones. Wearing just a tube top, we were able to create a fresh and clean silhouette reminiscent of beauty campaigns. This is a great lighting set up for commercial gigs for beauty or jewellery lines. 
We can accommodate many lighting styles. Feel free to pass along any images via email that depicts what you had in mind.

Professional Fashion Portrait

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Throwback to our experimental phase whereby we tried every colour under the sun, all in effort to learn which were suitable depending on the intention set. Purple was an interesting avenue for us to explore as we had the initial suspicion that it wasn't useful as a background option. As it turns out, our suspicions about purple were correct to some degree. Cooler toned shades will always appear colder at first impression than warmer shades! So simply put, if we want to shoot against purple, we can, and it will look great provided that we consider the tint of the colour is favouring warmth.