Photography for Headshots and Professional Portrait

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Taking your headshot & portrait outdoors:

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We didn’t have to travel far to achieve this change of scenery here in Corktown. Just minutes away by foot we are fortunate enough to be situated by the Corktown Common. Sounding more like a grocery store, the Corktown Common is a recently built park (and natural eco system/flood prevention site to boot) that highlights the area of the city known as the Para Olympic Village, just south of the studio.

Don’t quote me on this but I do believe the Canary District (which lies just south west) is the newest district added to the city of Toronto. That being said, isn’t it a surprise that we could find something with a little rustic charm like this old barn door? The scenery around the area may be largely condo driven, but there are a few historical remnants that got preserved along the way.