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/ / / / / The Right Shade of Grey:

Although we don’t have 50 shades to choose from, we do have the option of either using a light, medium, or dark grey background for your session. But how do you know which is the right grey for you?

One tip we have is to breakdown your natural complexion into shades. Forgetting actual colours, imagine if you were to be photographed only in black and white and all colour information would transform into shades. For example, this navy suit would appear black, the tie medium grey, and the white shirt—well, white !

By breaking the categories down into light, medium, and dark, you can assess if all 3 elements are incorporated into the photo or not. Essentially it’s a process of deduction. If you have dark hair and a fair complexion like Peter does in the above example, then our medium grey option balances the look the best.