Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

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Dressing for your for Professional Corporate Headshots:

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The most commonly asked question male or female, is what do I wear to my business headshot? That question can be answered in many ways, but the aspect I’m going to write about today or more so, how much should I wear? In other words, how far down do you dress—do you come in sweatpants on the bottom and suit and tie at the top, or should you wear the full suits and show a little more body in the shots? There really is no rule as to how much is too much when it comes to being a loose shot or tighter headshot, it’s all up to personal taste.

In this business headshot session, our client preferred the breathable feeling of a 3/4 length portrait. Since we knew that was his preference, we tailored the session to include mostly 3/4 length portraits to choose from as opposed to a classic shoulders up variation.