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“Blue”—there’s so much I can say about “Blue.” I can start by freaking and geeking out at the fact that men have been brainwashed as children to wear it and therefore love all shades of blue including it’s baby shade (despite it feeling gender neutral in the mainstream).

I can continue by adding that from a psychological and therefore scientific perspective, “Blue” will always read as the most friendly colour in the rainbow. Designers use this to their advantage to appear more humanistic by using “Blue” *cough* facebook *cough* to make good first impressions.

Lastly may I introduce to you the weird fact of the day, which is that “Blue” happened to be the very last colour to be named. Such an instinctively common colour be named last? Yes! It turns out the only things that are blue in nature were the sky and the ocean, therefore there was no urge to put a name on it.