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Hair frizz: to keep or not to keep for your business headshot?

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Victoria needed a professional headshot and arrived to our studio completely camera ready with a full face of makeup and her hair beautifully curled. Of course most people do have a bit of hair frizz naturally, but coming to a photography studio in the summer time, you risk the chance of running into hair that can’t be tamed in in the name of humidity.

So the topic I’m discussing in todays blog is, should you keep the hair frizz or should you request to remove it completely? The answer is my favourite, it depends ! There is no doubt that a little bit of hair frizz is acceptable and even appears more organic than completely wiping up the outline. However, the decision to do so is largely personal, as well… well… seasonal !

In this case, Toronto had just been experiencing a wave of humidity, so it was the right choice this time to tame the outline for a squeaky clean look that will help her nail that first impression.