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How to smile for your business headshot

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One thing we’ve noticed over the years is how everyone defines what a smile is differently. Of course there is not just 1 answer to the question of how to smile for your corporate portrait, and like most things it depends on the intended usage. For example a realtor can get away with a cheeky full on grin where as a lawyer is a profession more suiting of a firmer closed mouth smirk.

Whatever the case is, one thing that is true for all headshots is being able to smile with your eyes. Even the sternest pout will soften if your eyes are emitting a light intensity which we call a “micro squint.” On a day to day basis we find ourselves doing micro squints when things are either interesting or funny. Physiologically the muscles around the eyes tighten causing us to appear engaged and alive. Not a bad way to come across in your photo if deer in headlights is not your thing !