Corporate and Professional Business Headshots

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Professional local business headshots

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Make the most out of your photoshoot and customize your session ! Here are some headshots from the lovely staff at Twin Image Hair Salon, who had us set up this custom high contrast editorial style lighting. They also loved the feeling of black and white as it matched with their website design.

It doesn’t cost you anything but time to enhance your photoshoot by providing us with reference images depicting your ideal lighting and photography style. Search through our blog for more examples of what we can do, or show us an example from another photographer and have us match the look and feel.

Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

corporate linkedin business headshots

How to dress for your casual business portrait:

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Most of our packages come with more than 1 photo, which means you have the opportunity to get a bit strategic and allow yourself a variety of final images. There are a couple poses to do to make your business portrait appear less formal, but when it comes to classic headshots, there’s not much you can do with out the hands in the picture, thus your clothing choice becomes your main tactic.

Choosing garments with a slightly unique shape is the approach Corinne took to liven up her photo. In our experience, simple silhouettes and simple colours/design work better than patterns or busy layers. The goal is to draw viewers to your face first and foremost, and the rest of the image should be non distracting and act as secondary information.

Linkedin Corporate Headshots Photographer

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Corporate and Linkedin Headshots on a Grey Background:

/ / / / / for a classic twist !

If you don’t want your headshot to be ever mistaken for a passport or stock photo, a solid 2nd option is using a nice and easy neutral grey. It tends to look best on fair or dark skin tones as opposed to medium shades as it is itself a medium shade. A great way to dissect this image is to pay attention to the darkness of the suit, the lightness of his shirt, and the medium toned wash of everything else.

Linkedin Corporate Business Headshots Photographer

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Though it may seem like the safe and even boring choice, white is definitely one of the most flattering backgrounds for your portrait. Those with lighter hair tend to look best against it with a medium toned shirt and/or jacket. The grey thing about whites the flexibility with tweaking the colour balance to be more warm or cool depending on your purpose. Of course, if you’re not sure, simply kick back and let us take care of those details!

LinkedIn Corporate Business Headshots and Portrait Photographer

LinkedIn Corporate Headshots Business Group Team Professional Photographer

Full body for a business shoot?! It may be less frequently seen (especially if you’re not in the real estate market), but it’s definitely worth having as part of your business photo repertoire. Though the posing is a little trickier to nail, when all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, the result is an effortlessly professional, and rather down to earth impression. We recommend booking our Portfolio/Branding Package to explore the full range of looks for no matter what the purpose!

LinkedIn Business Corporate Portrait and Professional Headshots

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If you’re the type of person with fair features and are itching to wear lighter colours on the day of your shoot, we always recommend going with our light grey background. The overall feeling is still very breathable and light, without going for the obvious “angelic” white backdrop option. It’s always key to mix up the tones you are using for a more effective portrait, and we love how dirty blonde highlights exemplify this tip perfectly.

LinkedIn Corporate Business Headshots and Portrait Photographer


One strange but great tip we have for women (sorry guys, I’ll get you next time!) is to wear a sleeveless dress for their headshot. It might sound a bit to scantily clad for a first impression of a professional as the temptation to look professional is derived typically from a tailored suit.

Rest your judgements to the side, as psychologically it has been proven that the sight of other human skin does make us feel good, and somehow more connected to one another. You get the perfect taste of humanity in your headshot since you don’t need to show the entire arm, but just enough. Test it out by imagining this photo with the shoulders covered and decide for yourself which is stronger!

LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Headshots Portrait

LinkedIn Corporate Headshots Business Group Acting Professional Photographer Portrait

Steven came in for our ever so popular Standard Package and had two outfit changes. We discussed beforehand that he wanted a classic look with a bit of a unique feeling. We loved how soft this micro polka dots dress shirt turned out against the light grey. Because he had dark hair and frames, working with lighter tones is a good way to balance the image.