Headshots and Polaroids for Talent and Modelling Portfolio

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Professional headshots for models & talent

/ / / / / polaroids for agencies

As straightforward as polaroids sound, you’d be surprised at how much variation you can make ! With a simple change in hair position, slight head tilt, or even shift of weight from one foot to the other, the photo can have a completely different feeling, and we want the photo to feel natural and light, not awkward !

Our white backdrop serves as the perfect canvas to highlight your features, and we recommend for the best results to wear something form fitting and minimal like the above examples.

Corporate Business Professional Headshots

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Corporate and business headshots on location

/ / / / / Brick isn’t just for real estate agents!

It may sound generic and you may be saying to yourself “will brick look good with my skin tone?” the answer is—yes! Though it may sound daunting to have a red background, the colour is completely tweakable to your taste of saturation.

The science behind why red looks good is simple, we all have blood running through our veins, and the result is a warm undertone in our skin. Due to this, warm shades will compliment everyone. In this example we added cyan to the background to even out the vibrancy of the red.

Corporate Headshots for Linkedin and Business

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How to smile for your business headshot

/ / / / / The goldilocks rule

One thing we’ve noticed over the years is how everyone defines what a smile is differently. Of course there is not just 1 answer to the question of how to smile for your corporate portrait, and like most things it depends on the intended usage. For example a realtor can get away with a cheeky full on grin where as a lawyer is a profession more suiting of a firmer closed mouth smirk.

Whatever the case is, one thing that is true for all headshots is being able to smile with your eyes. Even the sternest pout will soften if your eyes are emitting a light intensity which we call a “micro squint.” On a day to day basis we find ourselves doing micro squints when things are either interesting or funny. Physiologically the muscles around the eyes tighten causing us to appear engaged and alive. Not a bad way to come across in your photo if deer in headlights is not your thing !

Professional Corporate and Business Headshots

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Hair frizz: to keep or not to keep for your business headshot?

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Victoria needed a professional headshot and arrived to our studio completely camera ready with a full face of makeup and her hair beautifully curled. Of course most people do have a bit of hair frizz naturally, but coming to a photography studio in the summer time, you risk the chance of running into hair that can’t be tamed in in the name of humidity.

So the topic I’m discussing in todays blog is, should you keep the hair frizz or should you request to remove it completely? The answer is my favourite, it depends ! There is no doubt that a little bit of hair frizz is acceptable and even appears more organic than completely wiping up the outline. However, the decision to do so is largely personal, as well… well… seasonal !

In this case, Toronto had just been experiencing a wave of humidity, so it was the right choice this time to tame the outline for a squeaky clean look that will help her nail that first impression.

Linkedin and Corporate Business Professional Headshots

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Should you wear glasses for your business headshot?

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The simple answer is why not! With any of our packages, we encourage everyone to make some quick variations, time allowing. All of these changes are so minor we don’t count them as full outfit changes, however they are not minor in the sense of how they can alter the impression of your photo greatly.

Some of the small changes you can make without counting as a full outfit change include:

-removing your jacket
-removing your tie
-glasses on and off
-inclusive of props

Headshots for Children Portrait Photography

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Sister Portrait Editorial Photoshoot Style:

/ / / / / decorative details to enhance your family portrait!

Although many people are arranging their photoshoot for the first time and may not have a clear idea of what they’re going for, we highly encourage everyone to take the time and not skip the initial step of previsualization. These two adorable sisters had their moms planned out the dresses and background based on pointers boards they had collected of inspiration.

After sending us the reference images, it was easy to tell the direction they wanted to take the photoshoot in. When it comes to your big moment, we encourage you to keep communicating with us along the way. In this case, we learned that the mom wanted more of a fashion/magazine editorial feeling to the shoot. Once we found that out, we changed the direction of the posing and altered the lighting to suit her vision. How do you guys like the result? Rather angelic no?

Linkedin and Corporate Professional Photography

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Linkedin Business Headshots Background Examples:

/ / / / / your choice affects the mood

Don’t be afraid to explore outside the box and pick a background option that’s not black or white, or even grey for that matter. The great thing about photography nowadays is the magic of photoshop is not only useful for removing your acne and double chins, but also for giving the background a bit of a facelift.

Here you can see the difference between our standard blue background and a masked, desaturated tweak of that same background. Although we are not able to change the colour completely, subtle changes to saturation and hue can be made while still making the image appear natural.

Linkedin Corporate Headshots

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The best colour to wear for your Linkedin headshots:

/ / / / / gender neutral, and positively friendly—blue!

As the morning people we are, we had the pleasure of waking up for a 9am business headshot the other day. Now I have talked about colour psychology in regards to tinted backgrounds in a previous post, but this time we’re extending the conversation even further.

So just how much blue is too much blue to wear? I’m not going to lie and say you can never have too much blue. About where we draw the line is the tie. You must bring in an element of a warm tone (even if it’s a cool-toned-warm-tone like Richard’s magenta tie in the above example). Warm and cool tones is a dichotomy that should be reflected in the clothing in order to achieve a visually balanced clothing temperature.