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Real estate corporate headshots:

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Daniel has many years of experience working as a realtor for Remax. After a decade of using a photo taken from a friend of a friend, and with big ideas for a billboard advertisement on the horizon, an updated headshot was in order.

Of course I do believe in general it’s better to have a photo than to not have a photo, however with each yearcoughcellphonecough, that passes, the expectation for higher quality images increases. It’s not to say we are steadily desiring to see more of ourselves in crisp resolution, just that technology has a funny way of creeping upwards whether we like it or not.

Catch up with the times and have a chat with us to book your headshot session!

Corporate and Business Headshots for Professionals


Corporate Headshots in the Studio:

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There’s a fine balance between showing the right amount of head to body ratio in a headshot. And although the term is classically called a “headshot” that does not mean you should strictly stick to capturing the subjects head only. Not only do most people fear seeing their face take up most of the space in the photo, but its also harder to convey personality when things are cut off at the shoulders.

We offer a couple variations to change up the posing to be more natural and inclusive of hand postures that convey positive body language. This shot is a nice happy balance of showing hands, which psychologically symbolize trust, and a bit of an open body position.

Professional Linkedin and Corporate Headshots

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Business headshots for Professionals:

/ / / / / Adding a personal taste:

We love this example of personal yet professional style in this corporate headshot session from the other week. Shot on our navy background, this monochromatic suit with a classic white shirt is soft on the eyes and minimalist.

Although without another visual layer, the outfit would feel like it’s missing something. That’s where accents come into play, it could be in the form of a watch, a fancy belt, a ring, tie, or as in the above example, a pocket square.

Since red is one of the strongest hues on camera, it’s best avoided when it comes to shirt and suit colours.

Business / Corporate Headshots for Professionals

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Standing Portrait Pros and Cons:

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Sometimes we suggest midway through your headshots to loosen up the crop and have our photographer backup to capture you from further away. The benefits of a 3/4 shot is that the focal point, your face, is literally less in your face, so the shot feels breathable. The downside is that there are more aspects to consider to nail the image such as wardrobe styling and posing.

In this case we see an example of how in looser shots it’s beneficial to have some prop or accent in jewelry / a watch. The reason being is the balance of elements needs to be adjusted if more is in the frame, and the accessories add a bit of complexity to an otherwise minimalistic colour blocked outfit.

Professional Actor / Actress Headshots

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Acting Headshots in the Studio:

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In one sense you may think that it’s easier to nail the shot when you don’t have to worry about using your body. The interesting thing that we’ve concluded after many years of shooting headshots, is the scariest thing in this world is the sight of our own face. That is precisely the reason why our horizontal headshot style is more popular than our vertical. Although it’s all about context in the end, since when it comes to acting headshots, the norm is a vertical / portrait orientation.

In this example we coached her expression to be soft in the lips, and slightly tense in the eyes. It just so happens to be that that particular balance is just right when it comes to headshots. Actors can even get away with pushing their squint even more than you would in a regular portrait. Eyes are the first place anyone looks when they see the photo, so make sure yours are engaged and personable!

Corporate and Staff Headshots Photographer


Group and Staff Headshots on Location:

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Have you been assigned to arrange a photoshoot for your office? With our experience travelling to many offices, we simplify the process by laying out the steps for you.

After deciding the date and general amount of headshots needed, the last step is to send us a couple snapshots of your space. With a quick set up of 15 mins on the day of, we are capable of shooting individuals back to back, capturing all their angles and consulting with them on how they are liking their photo before we wrap up the session.

Call or email if you have any questions or would like to book your photoshoot.

Staff Headshots and Corporate Group Photography

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Corporate and Staff Portrait Headshots on Location:

/ / / / / We travel to you for your convenience

Though you would never be able to tell, this corporate portrait was taken location at an office along King Street. A quick Uber ride over and in 15 mins we were at the space, setting up our double light arrangement, the same lighting we use here in the studio.

We’ve noticed that many photographers as we put it “dump one light source” onto the subject, but we find that for the most flattering effect on the skin you need to use more than one light to feather the shadows pleasantly. Even though we sometimes shoot up to 30 people in one day, we still take the time to take care of each individual and make sure they are pleased with their headshot !

Professional Headshots and Portrait in Toronto

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Headshots and Portrait Photography in the Studio:

/ / / / / Should you use a light or dark background?

Here is an example of a casual portrait we shot a few weeks ago, whereby we set up editorial style studio lighting against a dimly lit grey background. This particular client was inspired by our fashion photos which are often shot against dark background.

The reason we recommend to shoot against a dark background is because it adds a particular mood you can never achieve with lighter tones. It in some way it feels more natural and authentic to human emotion, as the background fades out of importance and the focus sits nicely on the subject who now pops into attention.