Linkedin Corporate Headshots Photographer

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Corporate and Linkedin Headshots on a Grey Background:

/ / / / / for a classic twist !

If you don’t want your headshot to be ever mistaken for a passport or stock photo, a solid 2nd option is using a nice and easy neutral grey. It tends to look best on fair or dark skin tones as opposed to medium shades as it is itself a medium shade. A great way to dissect this image is to pay attention to the darkness of the suit, the lightness of his shirt, and the medium toned wash of everything else.

Fashion Modeling Portfolio Photoshoot

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Professional Fashion Modelling Portfolio with Hair & Makeup:

/ / / / / spice it up with an editorial edge !

Here’s a gorgeous shot from a photoshoot we had the other week for a modelling portfolio session with wardrobe and all other styling provided. New or experienced, we shoot people with a varied relationship with modeling. Whether its just for fun, you’re signed with an agency, or building up your book from scratch, we can help! Get it touch with us to chat about the process and custom options available.

Linkedin Corporate Headshots

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The best colour to wear for your Linkedin headshots:

/ / / / / gender neutral, and positively friendly—blue!

As the morning people we are, we had the pleasure of waking up for a 9am business headshot the other day. Now I have talked about colour psychology in regards to tinted backgrounds in a previous post, but this time we’re extending the conversation even further.

So just how much blue is too much blue to wear? I’m not going to lie and say you can never have too much blue. About where we draw the line is the tie. You must bring in an element of a warm tone (even if it’s a cool-toned-warm-tone like Richard’s magenta tie in the above example). Warm and cool tones is a dichotomy that should be reflected in the clothing in order to achieve a visually balanced clothing temperature.

Fashion Portfolio for Models and Talent

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Fashion modelling package:

/ / / / / from new models to experienced models!

There are many ways to go about getting your modelling portfolio done, and even more photographers to go about getting it done with! How we separate ourselves from the bunch is by specializing in first time/beginner models. We’ve had plenty experience of shooting for agencies around town and understand the gist of what each one looks for. If you need any advice regarding where to turn to after your photoshoot, please let us know and we’re more than happy to help.

Professional Portrait Photographer in Downtown Toronto

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Professional portrait photography for your career:

/ / / / / natural light background

Of course we always have the option to serve the classic recipe for headshots in our studio setting, but feel free to challenge the norm and create more variation!

The great thing about this environment shot is although it’s more complex than a clean backdrop, you still have complete control with the lighting as we’re actually still located inside the studio!

The large heritage windows provide a soft yet strong key light all the meanwhile we set up a studio light in front of you to further flatter your face.

Corporate and Linkedin Staff Headshots

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LinkedIn / business headshots photo day:

/ / / / / plan a professional photoshoot at your office!

People often say we make magic as photographers. Not only is this because we can edit coughmanipulatecough you to your heart’s desire, but we can also magically appear at your office!

We are open from morning to night, available to come to your office whenever works for your staff the best. Have us set up in a slice of your office for an exciting staff photo day! Why not make an event out of it by marketing it to the team as something fun and beneficial for them? We find that when people are told about the shoot ahead of time, the nerves can be converted into excitement as they have time to prepare themselves beforehand. A blow out or fresh hair cut can make all the difference in feeling confident that you got a great shot.

Photography for Headshots and Portrait in Toronto

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Taking your headshot & portrait outdoors:

/ / / / / local “on location” photoshoot

We didn’t have to travel far to achieve this change of scenery here in Corktown. Just minutes away by foot we are fortunate enough to be situated by the Corktown Common. Sounding more like a grocery store, the Corktown Common is a recently built park (and natural eco system/flood prevention site to boot) that highlights the area of the city known as the Para Olympic Village, just south of the studio.

Don’t quote me on this but I do believe the Canary District (which lies just south west) is the newest district added to the city of Toronto. That being said, isn’t it a surprise that we could find something with a little rustic charm like this old barn door? The scenery around the area may be largely condo driven, but there are a few historical remnants that got preserved along the way.

Linkedin and Corporate Portrait Photographer

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Photography to match your style:

/ / / / / we work with you to capture great LinkedIn headshots!

We have our classic recipe that we serve for headshots in our studio setting, but feel free to challenge the norm and create more variation, exploring what’s possible indoors. The great thing about this environment is you have complete control in all aspects, so if you have something in mind, it’s relatively easy to recreate the lighting setup.

Whatever the case is, simply email us before hand with a couple shots of ours that you like, or even of other photographers headshots. We work with you to discuss what elements are good to include in your portrait, and what’s possible to create with our expertise.