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LinkedIn Corporate Headshots Business Group Team Professional Photographer

Full body for a business shoot?! It may be less frequently seen (especially if you’re not in the real estate market), but it’s definitely worth having as part of your business photo repertoire. Though the posing is a little trickier to nail, when all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed, the result is an effortlessly professional, and rather down to earth impression. We recommend booking our Portfolio/Branding Package to explore the full range of looks for no matter what the purpose!

LinkedIn Corporate Business Headshots Photographer

LinkedIn Corporate Headshots Business Group Acting Professional Photographer Portrait

We are studio guys, we know that, but we do like to plan field trips outside the studio as much as we can. One could say the challenge of shooting on location is the most fun part, but for us it’s simply the change of work environment that thrills us.

Why am I talking about travelling on location in such an *obvious* studio post? Because lo and behold, this shot was taken on location. Shot no more than 10 mins away in an office on the 37th floor of King St West, tucked away in the corner of a presentation room. We had a great wall of bright (but not blinding) sun acting as a huge soft box to light our subjects that day for a group of headshots.