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Corporate and Business Headshots in the Studio:

/ / / / / The Right Shade of Grey:

Although we don’t have 50 shades to choose from, we do have the option of either using a light, medium, or dark grey background for your session. But how do you know which is the right grey for you?

One tip we have is to breakdown your natural complexion into shades. Forgetting actual colours, imagine if you were to be photographed only in black and white and all colour information would transform into shades. For example, this navy suit would appear black, the tie medium grey, and the white shirt—well, white !

By breaking the categories down into light, medium, and dark, you can assess if all 3 elements are incorporated into the photo or not. Essentially it’s a process of deduction. If you have dark hair and a fair complexion like Peter does in the above example, then our medium grey option balances the look the best.

Corporate Linkedin Headshots Photographer

linkedin corporate headshots

Linkedin Headshots on a White Background:

/ / / / / for ultimate versatility !

You really can’t go wrong with picking a white background. Not only do you have the flexibility to be able to crop the image out in post production, but also have the security knowing that any company will be accepting of your image as white is the industry standard!

Corporate Business Linkedin Professional Headshots

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

Melissa came too our studio with a bright and cheery wardrobe, hairstyle, and beaming smile! For such a light and angelic beauty, what colour to choose to represent that best? Well as we’ve learnt from adding salt to our fruits, sometimes a little bit of the opposite direction makes those characteristics we love stand out more. That is why we believe a grey background to be the perfect companion to her glowy complexion!

LinkedIn Corporate and Business Headshots Photographer

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

Though it may seem trivial and quite frankly a hassle to get your hair and makeup professionally done for your LinkedIn portrait, believe us when we say that you’ll be doing nothing but thanking yourself after it’s all said and done. As MasterCard so masterfully puts things, some things are just priceless, and by some things I mean first impressions. Once it’s made, you can’t take it back. Those few seconds that prospective employers take to glance at your profile are well worth investing all you can into the cleanest and put together version of yourself. 

LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Headshots

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

It’s been long time brewing about the idea of purchasing a blue backdrop. The issue we had was that the only dark blue shade available at our local camera store appeared too vivid at first glance. With no other options to pick from, we eventually decided to take the plunge and splurge on the navy. True to our expectations, we were quite right in that the colour being far too saturated. Thankfully with a bit of masking, we were able to tone it down in photoshop to get it to the ideal shade we had always dreamed of!

Corporate LinkedIn Business Headshots Photographer

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Photographer

Here had no idea his glasses were so special. I mean, he did pay the extra bucks for the anti-flare effect, which he since realized the value of such technological feat. Yes, it’s true, we can remove the lens flare manually by hand and through the magic of photoshop, but though you may not notice it, we sometimes have to do some shady business in order to “recover” the eye (and by crazy I mean sometimes literally copying the other eye!) Of course, better to save the risk of not having two left eyes, we suggest sparing the trouble and getting the upgrade when your optometrist so kindly asks!

LinkedIn Professional Corporate and Business Headshots

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Group Team Acting Professional Photographer

Love this shot from our business headshots session with Gabriel the other day, where we tried a mixture of casual and professional poses. Men—don’t be afraid to let your tie loose, collars undone, and jackets off, for cool and casual take on your business headshot. Don’t forget to bring a watch for that extra pop—oh and a little bit of Ralph Lauren never hurt anyone..

LinkedIn Corporate Business Headshots & Portrait Photographer

LinkedIn Corporate Headshots Business Professional Photographer

One tip we have that many don’t think about, is adding a subtle colour cast to your image tinted towards being cooler or warmer. Depending on your purpose of the headshot, it serves to your advantage in two different ways. Here is a case of our off white with a hint of warmth, making the image slightly more humanistic. This concept is based on how humans are more attractive when they appear more alive, which physically translates into the skin being vibrant through warm tones.