Professional Actor / Actress Headshots

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Acting Headshots in the Studio:

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In one sense you may think that it’s easier to nail the shot when you don’t have to worry about using your body. The interesting thing that we’ve concluded after many years of shooting headshots, is the scariest thing in this world is the sight of our own face. That is precisely the reason why our horizontal headshot style is more popular than our vertical. Although it’s all about context in the end, since when it comes to acting headshots, the norm is a vertical / portrait orientation.

In this example we coached her expression to be soft in the lips, and slightly tense in the eyes. It just so happens to be that that particular balance is just right when it comes to headshots. Actors can even get away with pushing their squint even more than you would in a regular portrait. Eyes are the first place anyone looks when they see the photo, so make sure yours are engaged and personable!