Professional Acting Headshots in Toronto

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Actor Headshots in the Studio:

/ / / / / Professional and Painless !

We often get people visiting the studio who have never had a professional photoshoot before. I would go so far to say it’s well over half of the clients that are brand new to the experience.

The most common misconception people often have is thinking they need to be perfect in every shot. We see it way too often that people become over critical when it comes to their portrait.

The best thing to do is simply put aside those thoughts and feelings, and keep shooting. With a little bit of time, everyone will settle down. Thankfully we time our photoshoot to include viewing breaks to help you visualize the outcome of your headshot.

Corporate, Business, & Linkedin Headshots

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Business and Linkedin Headshots:

/ / / / / Environmental background options

Add some personality to your business headshots and take advantage of our retro industrial studio window !
Originally served as a uniform and textile warehouse, these windows embody character and charm. This bright option is available from the afternoon until about 4pm due to the sensitivity of the sun’s direction.

Combine a studio background and this window variation in all packages over 40 mins in length, or simply have your entire shoot against this cheerful backdrop.

Professional Headshots and Modelling Portrait

Headshots Modelling Portfolio Professional Photographer
Headshots Modelling Portfolio Professional Photographer

Model Headshots and Polaroids in the Studio:

/ / / / / Professional photos for models

If you’re new to an agency, or just new to the industry looking for your place, you’ve come to the right place to help you get started ! We guide you through an assortment of poses that flatter your figure and are easy for beginners and new models alike.

Ask us for tips on what to wear to make your polaroids even more effective and attractive to agencies. Given the example above, the wardrobe isn’t going to surprise you with anything you may not already have in your wardrobe, and is rather minimal in nature.

Professional Corporate Portrait Photos


Headshots and Staff Portrait Headshots on Location:

/ / / / / We travel to your for your convenience

Though you would never be able to tell, this corporate portrait was taken location at an office along King Street. A quick Uber ride over and in 15 mins we were at the space, setting up our double light arrangement, the same lighting we use here in the studio.

All images shot on location also get our same service of editing, and a smile guarantee !

Professional Corporate Portrait and Headshots

Headshots LinkedIn Corporate Business Professional Portrait

Corporate Portrait Headshots in Our Studio:

/ / / / / Visit our downtown portrait studio!

Whether it’s your first time getting a headshot or you’re simply updating your old Linkedin one, book an appointment with us and receive a sparkly new portrait of yourself ! In this photo we’ve added a subtle light gradient in the background to liven up the image.

What do you think about the effect? Well we like it so much we’ve decided to incorporate that little detail into all of our portraits moving forward.

Professional Corporate and Business Headshots

professional portrait corporate business linkedin headshots

Business Headshots and Portrait:

/ / / / / More body, more language!

Show off your manicure and those fancy accessories by featuring your hands in your corporate headshot ! We love this combination of a black background with our matching black posing table, making for a very cozy monochromatic portrait.

One of the keys to a great headshot is by simplifying the information in the frame. For example, if our subject in this portrait chose to wear a patterned dress, the balance of this image would be uneven and would have our eyes darting all over the place.

Linkedin and Corporate Professional Photography

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Linkedin Business Headshots Background Examples:

/ / / / / your choice affects the mood

Don’t be afraid to explore outside the box and pick a background option that’s not black or white, or even grey for that matter. The great thing about photography nowadays is the magic of photoshop is not only useful for removing your acne and double chins, but also for giving the background a bit of a facelift.

This background, believe it or not was actually bright blue ! There was a bit of a crossover between the background and his suit, so we toned it down in photoshop to be a modest blue-grey.

Professional Business and Corporate Headshots

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Corporate and Business Professional Headshots on a White Background :

/ / / / /

It’s been 10 years since Serena updated her headshot, and like most people, she was not looking forward to the experience ! Since she liked her previous headshot, she was additionally nervous that she could get a photo she liked as much as her old one. Her realtor colleagues all had their headshots on a white background so she had to get hers to match the website.

In the end she got our quickest package since she only needed one portrait, but we still made sure she enjoyed the process and walked away with a new favourite photo!