Corporate Business and LinkedIn Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

We get it, you’re busy, and don’t always have the time to answer our photography jargon filled questions and customize your session like you’re at Starbucks. If it’s too much to even think about the lighting and background style you’d like, no sweat! Simply choose the option to leave it on us. We’ve taken enough headshots to know the best studio set up to get the photoshoot that suits you the best.

Here’s an example of our favourite background to use for just this scenario, the alternative classic, light grey. Most clothing and skin tones will blend well with this colour. It’s suggested you wear something bright or dark for a pop of contrast, like this crisp collared shirt that Fatima opted for in her LinkedIn headshot the other day.

Linkedin Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Amp up your corporate and business headshots with the use of our many photography props! Sleek and black, this tall stool is subtle enough to blend into most backgrounds, all the while giving you a bit of a lift. With a bit of elevation, your legs appear more casual and relaxed, which there fore comes across on the expression in your portrait. Although not recommend for your main LinkedIn headshot, it’s still a great option to have if you’re booking anything from our Standard Package upwards. Feel free to try it out for a couple photos—it’s your photoshoot so play around with it!

Professional Headshots and Studio Portrait Photographer

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Here’s a recent classic black and white studio portrait shot with a lovely new model from a local agency. When you’re a new model starting out building your portfolio, it’s always best to leave the little styling details to us. Especially if it is your firs photoshoot, there must be a million things running through your mind. We make things easy with our professional team working to make you look your best for your headshots. Ask us about how we work with you to create a look that shows off your strengths!

Professional Studio Headshots and Portrait Photography

headshots linkedin staff corporate business

When applying to a modelling agency, though it’s not necessary, we do encourage you to get your feet wet and try out a photoshoot before you commit to any contractual agreements with agencies just yet. Here’s a shot from a diy portfolio session where you come “set ready” with your own hair, makeup, and wardrobe. Black and white photographs are always recommended, as well as fashion that has black and white elements making for a strong impression. Ask our advice if you want to see examples of what to wear on the day of your photoshoot!

LinkedIn Headshots Business and Corporate Photography

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

A photographer’s classic option, why not try a softly lit white background for fun? A friendly impression towards clients and a friendly base for graphic designers (who will want to clip your silhouette for marketing). It’s easy to make this shade of white brighter or darker. Let us know your styptic preferences, we love collaborating with you to get a portrait where you look your best!

Professional Lookbook Catalog for Fashion Designer

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Here is a great shot of a handprinted leather jacket and dress ensemble from local fashion designer Saniya Khan. We’ve shot with Saniya before on her other collections, and have learned exactly what kind of lighting style suits her marketing the best. If you’re a new or seasoned designer looking to promote their upcoming collection, with our help we take your vision into reality and will make sure to highlight all the best details professional photography and editing service.

Professional Acting Headshots Photographer

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

We love this take from Shavae’s acting headshot session the other week on our black background. You may or may not notice, but this lighting looks slightly different than our usual style. The reason being is Shavae sent us some references in advance that depicted the type of style/mood he was going for. Due to this, our photographer was able to adjust the lighting and create a special set up, just for this session. Our expertise is here, so why not take advantage of it? We truly enjoy photography, so sit back and trust us!

Business Corporate and Linkedin Professional Headshots


Believe it or not but this portrait was taken on location and not in our studio! For no extra cost, we come to your office for headshots and take care of all the hassle for you. No need to send individual staff members to our place to get the job done. If you’ve been assigned the tedious job of arranging 5 or more staff members to get their photos updating, you’ve found the right ream for the job. Get in touch with us about the best corporate rates we offer for bulk headshots.