Headshots and Professional Portrait

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Though it’s great to have full control int he studio and create exactly the type of lighting you want, it’s always a fun idea to throw in a couple playful shots incorporating natural light to change the look up. Here you can see the skin tonality is a bit less contoured as well the colour feels warmer because of cast from the sun. When shooting portraiture we usually tend to lean towards having natural light as the main source since it’s what our eyes are used to seeing in everyday life.

Linkedin Corporate Business Headshots Photographer

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Twist it up from your colleagues and jump on your chance to get not only a formal portrait, but a bit of a personality shot by adding a touch of business casual. Roll up your sleeves, undo a couple buttons and let your tie loose for a character portrait that stands out from the bunch. We like this take on a corporate portrait where we took inspiration from acting headshots, promoting class and good character with a silhouetted black and white effect.

Professional Photographer for Corporate Business and Linkedin

headshots linkedin staff corporate business

George is in the middle of launching his company and wanted to look sharp but current for his photos. To help things move along smoothly, he requested one look be styled for him. After providing us with reference photos of the fashion he likes, we were able to put together a classy outfit with a bit of character. We love getting inspiration images, mainly because we are geeks at analyzing and breaking information down. From George’s reference photos, I was able to tell that he liked cool colours versus warm tones, and he was a fan of sweaters that had a crew cut as opposed to a V neck or cardigan style. Whether he even knew these things or not is a rather good question!

Professional Portrait and Headshots Photographer

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Though spring is technically still here, it’s still a bit chilly to whip out your best tee and shades look for your portrait. Not to worry as jackets and boots appear just as cool! In this shot we popped outside quickly to the building next door for a clean and low-key brick background. One advantage we have shooting outside versus having your photoshoot in the studio is the ability to change up the posing and background variety. This leaning pose is an easy way to relax your body weight, and when you’re relaxed you’re more likely to get a natural expression. Please enquire if you’re interested in having all or part of your photoshoot outdoors!

Headshots for Linkedin Corporate and Business Portraits

headshots linkedin staff corporate business

It’s finally Spring and what better way to start off than with some new fresh headshots! Wendy booked our Complete Package which gave her ultimate flexibility in changing her outfit, changing the background, and changing her pose. It may sound overwhelming to have a 1 hour photoshoot, but you’d be surprised at how the momentum picks up once you start nailing a couple shots and building confidence! She shot most of her images against the light grey, which we recommend as the most flattering background for all skin tones.

Professional Dating Profile Pictures and Portrait

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A new season brings new opportunities either for work—or for love! Book any one of our portrait sessions and update your social media profile pictures, or even your dating profile pictures! Gurjit happened to live in Mississauga and found this awesome photography rental space. We aren’t suggesting this is the best option for everyone location wise, as there are always places in downtown or even in the studio neighbourhood that we can take environmental shots in. Nonetheless, enjoy this portrait that we styled to create an editorial feeling he had requested.

Headshots and Portrait Professional Photography Downtown

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Spice up your photoshoot with the use of props! We have no limitations on what you can bring to add some liveliness to your portrait. Even for business portraits, we often have had people bringing in something related to their profession to add a personable touch such as their notebook, favourite mug, or pair of sunglasses. Here’s a casual portrait that was from a company who conceptually depicted what their staff do on their days off from work.

LinkedIn Business Corporate Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Natalie needed a headshot urgently for her company profile and LinkedIn. She emailed us only a couple days ago looking to book something as soon as possible. Thankfully with our quick Minimal Package (and little extra boost with our priority editing) she was able to get her photo within 24 hours, by the next day!

Open daily from 9am - 9pm, we make it easy to schedule your photoshoot. Give us a call for information on next day availability. Business headshots and Linkedin portraits have never been easier to check off your to do list!