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Though spring is technically still here, it’s still a bit chilly to whip out your best tee and shades look for your portrait. Not to worry as jackets and boots appear just as cool! In this shot we popped outside quickly to the building next door for a clean and low-key brick background. One advantage we have shooting outside versus having your photoshoot in the studio is the ability to change up the posing and background variety. This leaning pose is an easy way to relax your body weight, and when you’re relaxed you’re more likely to get a natural expression. Please enquire if you’re interested in having all or part of your photoshoot outdoors!

Professional LinkedIn Business and Corporate Headshots

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Roni booked our Complete Package and needed a couple different headshot styles which included a mix of acting and business portraiture. Here’s the best shot from the business portion of the shoot. We love when people go bold and choose black as their background as it really adds a unique drama to the photo you can’t get any other way.

Colour gets exchanged from one object to another when the two are placed next to each other. This is no different when it comes to how the background interacts with you as the subject. What this means for Roni in this example, is that his face will begin to absorb the darkness of the black and the shadows on his face will be accentuated.

LinkedIn Business Corporate Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Natalie needed a headshot urgently for her company profile and LinkedIn. She emailed us only a couple days ago looking to book something as soon as possible. Thankfully with our quick Minimal Package (and little extra boost with our priority editing) she was able to get her photo within 24 hours, by the next day!

Open daily from 9am - 9pm, we make it easy to schedule your photoshoot. Give us a call for information on next day availability. Business headshots and Linkedin portraits have never been easier to check off your to do list!

Professional headshots for LinkedIn, Corporate, and Business

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Lina emailed us enquiring to get a quick LinkedIn headshot. She had attached a photo in her email depicting the lighting style she liked in someone else’s portrait. We love changing things up, so we always encourage you to customize your session if you have something particular in mind. After analyzing the reference image she sent, our photographer Yugo recreated the lighting setup. Let’s see if you spot the difference between this shot and our regular LinkedIn headshots!

Corporate Business and LinkedIn Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

We get it, you’re busy, and don’t always have the time to answer our photography jargon filled questions and customize your session like you’re at Starbucks. If it’s too much to even think about the lighting and background style you’d like, no sweat! Simply choose the option to leave it on us. We’ve taken enough headshots to know the best studio set up to get the photoshoot that suits you the best.

Here’s an example of our favourite background to use for just this scenario, the alternative classic, light grey. Most clothing and skin tones will blend well with this colour. It’s suggested you wear something bright or dark for a pop of contrast, like this crisp collared shirt that Fatima opted for in her LinkedIn headshot the other day.

Professional Lookbook Catalog for Fashion Designer

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Here is a great shot of a handprinted leather jacket and dress ensemble from local fashion designer Saniya Khan. We’ve shot with Saniya before on her other collections, and have learned exactly what kind of lighting style suits her marketing the best. If you’re a new or seasoned designer looking to promote their upcoming collection, with our help we take your vision into reality and will make sure to highlight all the best details professional photography and editing service.

Linkedin Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Here’s a beautiful portrait of Sandra, a working mom with two young kids who needed an update for her Linkedin and corporate portrait. She purchased our beauty package with hair and makeup services to look her freshest (even though she is not one to wear make up on a day to day basis). What we see on camera is a lot more up close and personal than what we would see in day to day life. For that reason, even adding chapstick can completely change the feeling of a portrait! So don’t be afraid to go all out for your headshot, we keep everything nice and natural so that it still looks like you!

Photography for Linkedin Headshots, Corporate, and Business

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

These days we are encouraging those who have purchased one of our packages that include 40 mins of shooting time and up, the option to change up the game from headshots to head & hand shots! When it comes to image making, we’ve learnt that the psychology of body language is a rather simple yet impactful area to study. Hands symbolize trust, so when we show them we are allowing the viewer to connect to your portrait seamlessly and instantly, just like how our contemporary culture likes it. When it comes to your business portrait, it all boils down to first instincts, so why not put on your best smile and give it a try?