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A photographer’s classic option, why not try a softly lit white background for fun? A friendly impression towards clients and a friendly base for graphic designers (who will want to clip your silhouette for marketing). It’s easy to make this shade of white brighter or darker. Let us know your styptic preferences, we love collaborating with you to get a portrait where you look your best!

Professional Acting Headshots Photographer

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

We love this take from Shavae’s acting headshot session the other week on our black background. You may or may not notice, but this lighting looks slightly different than our usual style. The reason being is Shavae sent us some references in advance that depicted the type of style/mood he was going for. Due to this, our photographer was able to adjust the lighting and create a special set up, just for this session. Our expertise is here, so why not take advantage of it? We truly enjoy photography, so sit back and trust us!

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Believe it or not but this portrait was taken on location and not in our studio! For no extra cost, we come to your office for headshots and take care of all the hassle for you. No need to send individual staff members to our place to get the job done. If you’ve been assigned the tedious job of arranging 5 or more staff members to get their photos updating, you’ve found the right ream for the job. Get in touch with us about the best corporate rates we offer for bulk headshots.

Linkedin Corporate and Business Professional Headshots

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Here’s a beautiful portrait of Sandra, a working mom with two young kids who needed an update for her Linkedin and corporate portrait. She purchased our beauty package with hair and makeup services to look her freshest (even though she is not one to wear make up on a day to day basis). What we see on camera is a lot more up close and personal than what we would see in day to day life. For that reason, even adding chapstick can completely change the feeling of a portrait! So don’t be afraid to go all out for your headshot, we keep everything nice and natural so that it still looks like you!

Photography for Linkedin Headshots, Corporate, and Business

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

These days we are encouraging those who have purchased one of our packages that include 40 mins of shooting time and up, the option to change up the game from headshots to head & hand shots! When it comes to image making, we’ve learnt that the psychology of body language is a rather simple yet impactful area to study. Hands symbolize trust, so when we show them we are allowing the viewer to connect to your portrait seamlessly and instantly, just like how our contemporary culture likes it. When it comes to your business portrait, it all boils down to first instincts, so why not put on your best smile and give it a try?

Linkedin Corporate Business Headshots Photographer

headshots linkedin staff corporate business

Though it may seem like the safe and even boring choice, white is definitely one of the most flattering backgrounds for your portrait. Those with lighter hair tend to look best against it with a medium toned shirt and/or jacket. The grey thing about whites the flexibility with tweaking the colour balance to be more warm or cool depending on your purpose. Of course, if you’re not sure, simply kick back and let us take care of those details!

Headshots and Professional Portrait Photographer

headshots linkedin staff corporate business

If you have a busy day, did you know we have evening “after work” hours for your convenience? Until 9pm everyday, we offer portrait photography services. Match the night mood with our navy background, which has the ability to appear bright or dull (pictured above) depending on your mood. While you’re at it, take load off, It’s your photoshoot—you can slouch if you want to!

Headshots Linkedin Corporate and Business Photography

headshots linkedin staff corporate business 

Over the years we’ve noticed that people tend to be reserved in photos when it comes to smiling with your teeth. We often get people asking if it’s “ok” to smile with a closed mouth or not. The truth is brutal logic—it totally depends. The way you naturally smile is the way you need to smile for the photo (I myself am a proud closed out smiler). It’s not to say we aren’t as happy as the big grinners, but simply it’s what works with the anatomy of our face. This is the reason why you can have someone smiling with their teeth but have it look awkward and vice versa. In lament words, go with what you know and just be yourself!